Thursday, June 23, 2016

Succotz Summer Camp

This camp was a project that was completed during the month of July. It was a summer camp headed by Andrea and was held for the elementary age children in the village of Succotz. It lasted a week and went from 9 am-12 pm each day. Activities educating about different cultures was the backbone of the program. The children and volunteers alike had a wonderful week and made strong friendships.

Attentive children play games.

Emily picks the next leader.

Happy children color!

Paul, Shelbi and 4 happy children smile for the camera.

Here's the mastermind behind the program. Thanks, Andrea!

This little girl is wondering how to spell Jaelyn's name - good question!

Megan and Jewel are all smiles!

Here's a typical site - children lining up to hug the ever-loving Lauren!

The message in the background says it all!

Thanks for another great project, great people and great memories, Succotz Village!

Peace Camp

Peace Camp is a camp run by one of Belize's most solid and established NGO's, the George Price Center. Located in the capitol city of Belmopan, the George Price Center houses an exhibit featuring Belize's peaceful movement toward independence (in 1981), offers the use of a computer lab free of charge to the pubic and hosts and promotes many community events including reading camps and programs, conflict resolution workshops and the annual Peace Camp.

We were excited for the opportunity to work with Peace Corps volunteers Cisco and his wife Cathryn during Peace Camp.

The program features educational games, activities and discussion to learn how to peacefully resolve conflict.

Maren and Ashley help oversee one of the games.

Here we all are!

Ashley directs the blindfolded game where everyone must verbally communicate in order to make a square while remaining blindfolded!

Rin, Maren and Ashley pose for a pic!

We look forward to working with you again next year, George Price Center. Thanks!


Katie, an aspiring engineer, has thrown her heart into a project known as the Soilet. A Soilet is a toilet that requires no septic or other disposal as it uses worms in a special box outside the house to decompose waste, as well as a filtration process to purify toxins. After moving through this process, the purified waste exits into the ground.

Katie, Sarah and Maren are getting ready for another day's work.

Katie cuddles up to her project and on the left we have the "Sexy Soileteers."

Soilets are a great installment in developing countries where septic units are cost prohibitive or non-existent.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Living in Paradise

We took a long weekend getaway and it was fantastic! We finally found the turquoise water and pristine landscapes we've seen in the guidebooks.

Our little adventure started with a 15 minute plane ride from the mainland to the key. Kyle is displaying the plastic, reusable plane tickets here.
No, there were no metal detectors, no body scans and you definitely didn't need identification for a ticket! Just tell your name and pay some money and you can hop on this plane.

We got to sit in the front of the plane and catch some great panoramic views!

Luggage claim is pretty simple here. No rotating belt - just a concrete patch. :)

Kyle seems to have lost something...

This is us at the outdoor restaurant we ate at every day. Our table was literally on the beach and we had that area all to ourselves every night. It was great! They served fresh ceviche - I lived on it!! I'm glad I didn't know until later that I was eating raw fish. It was delish!!

This is an artistic night shot Kyle took of me.

We snorkeled two days while we were there and it was fun!!! Kyle and I love snorkeling. We saw lots of fish, lots of sting rays, sharks and more!! I loved Shark and Ray Alley best, so we went there both days. Swimming with sharks...what a thrill!

This is part of the barrier reef.  I learned that it's the 2nd longest in the world - second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. What does it mean? AWESOME snorkeling in Belize! We saw ALL kinds of sea life!

At the end of the day of one of our snorkeling adventures.

This is a cute kittie asleep on our cabana's front porch.

View from our cabana.

Me in one of the sweet swings at the place we stayed.

View from my swing. ahhhhh......

Kyle, meditative, at the end of our pier. We feel rejuvenated and charged up for more great International Development work this week!